Development of the NARR group

Wilhelm NARR GmbH & Co. KG


  • Foundation of the company as individual business Wilhelm Narr Kühlmöbelbau
  • Production in rent production hall


  • New construction of the first own production site in the Ohnrastraße 23
  • Transformation in GmbH & Co. KG
  • Company handed down to the next generation, Jürgen and Wilhelm Narr jun.
  • 15 employees


  • NARR Isoliersysteme GmbH takes over the operating activities
  • Wilhelm NARR GmbH & Co. KG becomes holding company
  • Armin and Uwe Narr, 3rd generation, are since then owners and managers

NARR Modular Systems GmbH • Defense & Security


  • Foundation of the company as NARR Vertriebs GmbH for the distribution of cold rooms


  • NARR Vertriebs GmbH starts with the development, distribution and logistics of container room modules CRM – EUROLIGHT ®


  • Renting of a logistics hall with an office in Balingen – Rosswangen


  • Renting of another logistics hall in Balingen – Rosswangen


  • Change of company‘s name: NARR Vertriebs GmbH becomes NARR Modular Systems GmbH Defense & Security


  • Capital office Berlin

Specialized on the development, distribution, logistics as well as the assembly and the maintenance of container rooms modules for military and humanitarian organizations and for the civil defense.

Administration and production surface: 1.400 m²
CRM – EUROLIGHT® sold worldwide: 900
Number of employees: 15


NARR Isoliersysteme GmbH


  • Foundation of the company
  • Production and distribution of insulating elements for refrigeration technology, air-conditioning, clean rooms and fire safety
Administration and production surface: 5.700 m²
Whole estate: 9.700 m²
Production 2014: 1.300 Kühlzellen
75.000 m² Isolierelemente
Number of employees: 90



NARR Energie GbR


  • Foundation of the company
  • Running of photovoltaic system and solar panels and development of energy saving programs
  • Commercialization of quality assurance systems in the field of renewable energies

NARR Isoliersysteme GmbH
NARR Modular Systems GmbH


  • Inauguration of plant II in Bisingen