Committee of the Chiefs of Military Medical Services in NATO

At the beginning of June in the Blücher barracks in Berlin a complete field hospital for the treatment of wounded soldiers (role 1 to role 3) was assembled.

40 national delegations participated at this event, for example inspectors of the medical service, staff officers, representatives of the NATO, of the European Union Military Staff as well as of the International Committee of Military Medicine.

The organizer was COMEDS (Committee of the Chiefs of Military Medical Services in NATO). COMEDS was founded in 1994 and is the top-level organization of the NATO in medical matters. This is why COMEDS contributes extremely to the performance of medical abilities and the operational capability of the NATO armies in cooperation with their partners in foreign assignments. The German medical service of the Bundeswehr is one of the most influential members of COMEDS.

At this occasion, the company NARR Modular Systems GmbH Defense & Security presented a hospital ward, a sterilization container for the preparation of operating instruments and dressings as well as a container for material-devices-technique.

In the context of this event, a deployment was simulated, demonstrating the complete pass of a wounded soldier, from the first aid to the operation (role 1 to 3). The military purchasers of the medical sector had the occasion to visit the different stages in three groups. The exhibiting industrials were ready for short presentations and additional information.

The purchasers were impressed by the fast assembly of the modules as well as of their quality and flexibility. A complete hospital ward with 36 beds can be assembled by 8 persons within 3 days.

The assembly of the CRM – EUROLIGHT® was carried out by soldiers of the medical service.
They gained extremely positive experiences with the container room modules, also during their foreign assignments of the Bundeswehr. The sterilization container, for example, was assembled and disassembled several times and is still in perfect condition.